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The Aquarius Man Aquarian men may seem distant and unapproachable or warm and welcoming. They have charisma and can draw people to them. Despite their intelligence and creativity, they are not difficult to know. Though dedicated to making their personal lives a success, they are usually focused on something greater. They care … [Read more Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the astrological year and is known by its astrological symbol, the Archer.

Sagittarian individuals are jovial, intelligent, and freedom-loving. With Jupiter as the ruling planet, people born under this sign are considered to be understanding and principled. They have an appetite for learning and travel. Read on to see if the characteristics ring true for you or the Archer in your life. The Sagittarian Man The typical Sagittarian man is well-traveled and well-read. He has boundless enthusiasm.

Sagittarian men need to love their work. Career concerns often take them away from family life, but they aren't as driven as other fire-signs. They are philosophical and a bit old-fashioned. The typical … [Read more Let's have a look at some positive traits of the zodiac Taurus.

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Represented as 'The Bull', Taureans are one of the most emotional zodiac signs out there. They take a decision with their heart and are honest to the core. Integrity, honesty and standing up for justice is what they practice and expect others to practice as well. If they don't like something about you, they will tell it on your face.

They don't believe in playing mind games and things like diplomacy and manipulation are not known to them. They are also hardworking and give their best in … [Read more Come design and paint spacethemed rocks. Supplies provided. Learn how to make apps, games and websites while gaining skills needed for college and career readiness and life success. Actors with the Seaside Repertory Theatre present a free, one-of-a-kind storytelling experience for children of all ages. On Thursday, children in the Improv Army bootcamp join in to showcase their new acting skills.

Free event. Bring lawn chairs and blankets to enjoy the sounds of summer music; coolers, food and pets are welcome. Tonight: The Lee Boys. Everyone welcome. Fourth St. A documentary about comics. Top it off with popcorn and hot dogs from DogManDu! Blankets and lawn chairs are welcome. Details: RosemaryBeach. Anglers of all skill levels will take to the Gulf in search of red snapper, kingfish and grouper. Friday at 5 p. No prize money will be awarded this year, with the exception of the target weight entry category.

Registration: MexicoBeach. For children in grades Details: or EmeraldCoastTheatre. A few loaner instruments available, but you are encouraged to bring your own. Johns Road in Bonifay. Details or to make a door prize donation: Missy Lee, or Mylisa. Submit an eventEmail pcnhnews pcnh. Wednesday before Wednesday events: Due by 5 p. Monday before Thursday events: Due by 5 p. Ron DeSantis to sign a bill that would lead to a regulatory framework for the crop.

Fried said she has not heard from DeSantis about whether he will sign the hemp bill. The hemp measure would require the depart-ment to create a regulatory framework that would address issues such as licensing people or businesses that want to grow hemp and requiring them to provide detailed infor-mation about where hemp would be cultivated.

Fried said her goal is to have a first set of rules published in July, with the program running by the end of the year. State lawmakers passed the bill to take advantage of a federal law that legalized industrial hemp as an agricultural product. With hemp able to be used in numerous products, industry supporters contend it could be a boon for the state, including providing a new crop for Northwest Florida farmers and timber operations who sustained heavy damage from Hurricane Michael.

Health products now available contain or are advertised as containing low levels of non-euphoric cannabidiol, or CBD. The products, sold in oil, edible or even whole-flower form, are untested in Florida and have become a source of confusion for law enforcement officials and prosecutors, critics say. The site stands behind the nonprofit Opportunity Place shelter for women and families on Lovejoy Road. In early May, the shelter became the new owner of the park site. Residents upset about the closure held a rally June 8 to save it. County officials had publicly announced the town hall meeting date about a week before the rally.

Goodwin opened the meeting to say the park would reopen this summer and that county officials would work to extend the park site lease for at least another year. After , the county would try to negotiate a long-term lease to keep the park in its current spot or look at alternative sites, such as a county-owned parcel at Elaine Ave. But that latter parcel is covered with wetlands, resident Debra Riley-Broadnax told Goodwin. Also, setting up a park there would mean putting children in the path of drug dealers, resident C.

Fearson said. Other planned improvements include repairing the equip-ment, improving border fencing and gates, adding a new coating for the basketball courts and refurbishing the backboards, hoops and nets. While the park will reopen by mid-July, it might take a little longer to complete all the upgrades, county officials said.

A girl covered in burns and wrapped in bandages lying alongside a baby. A close-up of charred feet, covered in a black, melted Styrofoam-like substance. Rescuers drag-ging dead bodies out from the ash. Daylin stared at the ground. The two Samo-set Elementary newcomers are still adjusting to life in America, and the new adults in their life still are trying to comprehend the trauma these children have seen. There is a sadness within him. While the villagers were accustomed to de Fuego, it was impossible to ignore. Unlike global warming, melting ice caps or the extinction of animals in jungles far away, de Fuego carried none of the far-off nature of other environmental threats.

It was a living, breathing monolith, with a village of families powerless before its whims, living directly downhill. Small eruptions were regular, and ash was a constant presence in their village. Early in the morning of June 3, de Fuego started spewing more ash than normal. Many of their neighbors responded like the native Floridians who believe they can ride out every hurricane.

But Fulmencio grew up in Mexico, and was more wary of the volcano than those whose ancestors grew up on its slopes. He was worried an eruption was imminent. As the ash intensified, the family joined a small group and headed into the sulfur-stinking woods, hoping they could outrun what whatever came next. Fulmencio and the men in his group left the women and children behind and rushed back to assess the damage. Many in the village were still in their homes, assuming the worst was over. Govern-ment officials failed to issue evacuation orders until it was too late.

It was buried deep beneath the pyroclastic flow and ash, and an official count of the dead smothered by the molten cascade is impos-sible to determine. Their house, pets and village were gone. People were missing for weeks, and those who failed to show up again have been assumed to be dead, part of the unofficial death toll. The children would play in her small store each day after school. She took them to church, gave them Cheetos and chocolate. She had a bad leg and would not be able to keep up, so she stayed behind with the others. Christian was scared. After returning to the village, it soon became obvious that the old woman had not made it out alive.

In the year since the eruption, everything in his life has changed. Fanning, the ESOL coordinator at Samoset Elementary, said when Christian talks about the eruption, with all the drama of an action movie, his story always drifts back to grief over what happened to Abuela. A telenovelaThe family now lives in a small house in central Bradenton.

Despite the constant rooster cries and close family quarters, everything about the neighborhood is foreign to Alma, Christian and Daylin. Alma shrinks into the couch with embarrassment and laughs when asked how she and Fulmencio met. In an act of adolescent defiance, a year old Ful-mencio walked away from his Mexican home one day in He headed north and never came back.

Life as a man in America was more appealing than boyhood in Mexico, so he cut tobacco in North Carolina, picked oranges in Florida and loved having money. In , a friend told him about Alma, a nice girl back in his Guatemalan village that Fulmencio might like. The two struck up a longdistance romance, talking on the phone every night. A year into their longdistance romance, Fulmencio boarded a flight to Guatemala. He had never been to the small, rural village on the slopes of a volcano, and it would be the third country he called home.

But the girl on the other end of the phone had charmed him, and the American dream could wait. She slept on the floor of the airport overnight when he was delayed for 24 hours, wondering if he had changed his mind. They met for the first time when he stepped off the plane. He and Alma settled down, had two children.

Despite his outsider status, he became an elected leader in their village. Memories of mansions in Naples and making it in America faded as they poured energy into their coffee farm and chil-dren. Life was good. But attentive viewers would notice the menace lurking in the background, foreshadowing the next twist with each belch of ash. They had crossed the border in December, turn-ing themselves over to immigration officials just north of the AmericanMexican border. After being held in a detention center, they were released with orders to report to immigration officials.

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  • The indecipherable orders written in English, instructing them to show up an Immigration and Customs Enforcement and removal operations office in Tampa, sit on the kitchen table. Alma reported for the first two hearings, got her papers stamped, and is due to report again in August. For the first two weeks at Samoset Elementary, Daylin was inconsolable. She cried every day. Alma and Fulmencio worried that the teachers were beating her. Each May hordes of the large winged ants emerge from the ground. The boys would catch them, make them fight, take bets.

    The zompopos are a delicacy, and Christian and his friends would roast them and eat them with salt. But not all the change is bad. Living in the shadow of Volcan de Fuego, Christian coughed constantly. His parents believed he had a condition, or maybe he was just weak. Daily soccer with other boys at Samoset Elementary has eased the transition to American life.

    And despite the unknowns, the family is optimistic. The family came to the United States after a volcano destroyed their small Guatemalan village. Ron DeSantis looked to the Florida House as he picked new leaders for state agencies. DeSantis tapped Rep. That will change Tuesday night. Voters in a sprawling North Florida district and in a Pasco County district will choose replacements in special elections to replace Beshears and Burgess, while Coral Springs Democrat Dan Daley will be able to take office after running unopposed to replace Moskowitz.

    Port St. Beshears, for example, won the seat by 21 per-centage points in and was unopposed in his , and re-election campaigns. Shoaf, who defeated three other Republicans in an April primary, has dominated fundraising in the race. Registered Republicans outnumber Democrats by almost 7, voters in District 38, while unaf-filiated voters make up about Burgess won by 20 percentage points in , was unopposed in and defeated an unaf-filiated candidate by more than 32 percentage points in John Chapman.

    Chapman was a combat controller who posthu-mously received the Medal of Honor last year for his actions 16 years earlier on Takur Ghar, a mountaintop in Afghanistan. Chapman is honored in a number of places on Hurlburt Field. Chapman received the Medal of Honor for his actions during a March 4, , battle with al-Qaida insurgents.

    Under heavy enemy fire on the ground, Chapman was critically injured, and was eventu-ally left for dead. Alive and mortally wounded, Chap-man continued to fight on alone, saving the lives of other troops arriving on the scene by helicopter. Special help is being offered to those still dealing with insurance and restoration issues. Lunch will be provided free for seniors 50 and older, though other attend-ees can bring a snack lunch.

    For information, call or What he got was a 1-foot-byfoot strip of land. Holness said he was deceived. He said property appraiser photos linked to the auction site shows a villa being on the parcel he made a bid on.

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    The previous record for the most divers taking part in an underwater cleanup was divers in the Red Sea in Egypt in The disclosure was made during an internal audit of athletic funding. It was the 12th month in a row Florida had seen dou-ble-digit annual increases in foreclosure starts. Nationwide, foreclosure starts year-over-year were down 9 percent in May, while they were up less than 1 percent from April. In May, 1 in every 1, homes had a foreclosure filing in Florida, the third highest in the nation.

    Only New Jersey and Maryland had higher rates. Comments, questions or suggestions? WC TriviaGuy. Expiation, Bibliomancy, Starry, Hussar 2. Which have brains no larger than a cigar and cannot stick out their tongues? Crocodiles, Elephants, Camels, Giraffes 3. The Scotsman John Logie Baird is credited with inventing the? Compound pulley, Mechanical television, Cogwheel, Steam piston 4.

    Osage orange, Crape myrtle, Juniper, Palm 5. A cubic mile of ordinary fog contains almost how much water? Pint, Quart, Gallon, 10 gallons 6. Bibliomancy, 2. Crocodiles, 3. Mechanical television, 4. Osage orange, 5. Gallon, 6. Most of my good friends are getting married, and when they do, they stop speaking to me. I have a hard time not resenting them for it. It makes me feel like a second-class citizen. Is this typical behavior or am I right to feel slighted? When people marry, their interests and their social schedules change.

    They tend to socialize with other newlyweds, which may be why you see less of them. That may prompt them to include you more often. Also, make a point of staying active and putting yourself in social situations where you can meet some new single friends. It has a myriad of symptoms that are very painful.

    While some of them are fleeting, others last for weeks. My family is angry with me because they say I am not dependable. It seems like every conversation requires some sort of explanation or apology. My husband is supportive, so our household is calm and reassuring. He says I should stop communicating with these relatives because the negativity is depressing and demoralizing.

    How can I get them to accept me as I am? You can, however, take care of yourself. Contact Dear Abby at www. Box , Los Angeles, CA Schedule them and stick to the schedule. Do it anyway. There are storms inside us that ripple out, and events miles away that resonate at our core.

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    Each day, you are becoming more like yourself. Growing in power is the natural progression. LEO July Aug. Such is life! Which way serves everyone better? Hyperbole is easy. Bravery is action. Recklessness is reaction. Only bravery will serve your purposes today. A baseball manager challenges old-school traditions. Pioneer Wo. Pi oneer Wo. A street-car racer wants revenge on a treacherous rival. Bravo XLRelief! Income NowGot Debt? Chicago P. Oz Show Dr. Tonight METV A hero tries to save Earth from an asteroid. Cooper: Case Closed? Hijacker D. Cooper vanishes. Seiffert, a Mosley High School graduate, shot a final round 66 to finish tied for fifth in Springfield.

    The round was highlighted by a hole-in-one on the Par 3 second hole, following that up with four more birdies to finish 5-under for the day. His only bogey came on the first hole. Seiffert also moved up three spots in the tour stand-ings from No. The top 25 golfers at the conclusion of the Web. The Web. Sei ert moves into top 10 By Tyler Waldrep twaldrep pcnh. When she arrived on campus she had never been a head coach before, although she had worked as an assistant for seven years.

    The Wolverines took control of Bracket 1 in their first CWS appearance since and need one more win Friday to reach the best-of-three finals next week. The junior lefthander threw pitches, including 24 first-pitch strikes against the 32 batters he faced, struck out 10 and walked none.

    He went to three-ball counts just twice, both times in the first inning. The Wolverines are in a CWS for the first time in six appearances since They failed to win their first two games at a CWS for a 13th straight time since opening in Of the last 29 national champions, 24 won their first two games. Mike Salvatore had two of the three hits against Henry, the No. Flowers to start the fifth. But his pitch count went over in the fifth inning, when he allowed three hits in four at-bats to put the Wolverines up Nwogu landed on his hands, and his helmet flew off as he pro-pelled forward.

    His forehead scraped the dirt as he neared the bag. An athletic trainer tended to him, and he stayed in the game. Florida State plays an elimination game against Texas Tech on Wednesday. Three people were arrested and two guns were recovered, Toronto police said, and investigators did not discuss a possible motive for the attack. Droves of Raptors fans ran from the shooting in a stampede from the City Hall square, which was packed with tens of thousands of people.

    Police Chief Mark Saunders said four people suffered gunshot wounds but said none of the injuries were life-threatening. Others suffered minor injuries as they tried to get away from the shooting, said Saunders, who asked for witnesses and people who might have video to come forward and help investigators. Andrew Singh said he heard what appeared to be gunshots and that a woman was wounded before people started scrambling.

    During a speech from one of the team owners, the host of the rally inter-rupted the proceedings to alert the crowd to an emergency and asked for calm. Everyone stay calm There is an emer-gency being dealt with. He said he froze as people started running in all directions. Another fan said the stampede was scary.

    There were at least four abandoned strollers in the square, indicating parents may have grabbed their children and run. Shoes, clothing and bags were left behind.

    Sagittarius Man Pisces Woman

    An entire nearby intersection was cordoned off with police tape. Tory, the mayor, thanked police for their quick response and said he was angered by the shooting. I want to commend and thank the millions of other people who happily and peacefully celebrated our beloved Toronto Raptors. Some 1. Nicolas Caramanna, 21, said the crowd started to get rowdy shortly after he arrived at 9 a. Many others chose to miss school or work. Cypher Sabanal, 15, said his mom let him skip class to attend the celebration.

    We did it. This season the Com-modores , Panhandle Conference finished second in the league during the regular season for the second consecutive year and locked up a bid to the state tournament with decisive wins in the conference tournament. Prior experience at the junior college level is not a requisite, Kan-dler said. In addition to success at previous stops, Kan-dler said he is searching for someone that can fill the role of a mentor for the Gulf Coast players.

    After leaping, pumping a fist and hugging teammate Lindsey Horan, she raised both hands chin high and made four tiny pitterpatter claps the type seen more frequently at Pebble Beach than Parc des Princes. A message? You bet. Easy wins and lots of goals are par for the course when it comes to the U. I think it made a statement on the sideline there. It was cool.

    Sagittarius Horoscope 2020 Predictions

    Some cried poor sportsmanship. All the harrumphing was heard across the Atlantic. Horan said Emily Sonnett, a year-old defender at her first World Cup, suggested responses. Trolling critics was the goal. Golf clap was part of it. Guerrero was called offside. More Americans were in the tournamenthigh crowd of 45, that filled Parc des Princes than walked around Sunday in Paris, Kentucky, or Texas.

    Quite different from the stands 21 years and one day earlier, when Germany beat the U. Fans clad in red, white and blue jammed the Metro hours before kickoff, streaming on the No. Despite their second easy win, the Americans maintained there was no reason to chill: Thailand is ranked 34th in the world and Chile is 39th. The Americans need a win or draw against No. A victory likely means a second-round matchup against No.

    Ellis would not speculate whether her team would be better off finishing second and winding up in the other half of the bracket. Louis 37 Acuna Jr. Granderson lf 4 0 1 0 0 0. Carpenter 3b 4 3 3 1 0 1. Louis 4. Louis 2 Goldschmidt, Fowler. Louis 1 for 6. Santana 5 , off Clevinger. Santana 2 19 , Mathis 6. Santana 8. Yankees 3, Tampa Bay 0 L. Mets 3 St. Dodgers, late Philadelphia at Washington, ppd. Yankees, p. Angels at Toronto, p. Cleveland at Texas, p. Boston at Minnesota, p. Baltimore at Oakland, p. Kansas City at Seattle, p.

    National League Philadelphia at Washington, p. Mets at Atlanta, p. Miami at St. Louis, p. Colorado at Arizona, p. Milwaukee at San Diego, p. San Francisco at L. Dodgers, p. Interleague Detroit at Pittsburgh, p. Houston at Cincinnati, p. White Sox at Chi. Cubs, p. National League Milwaukee at San Diego, p. Philadelphia at Washington, p. Interleague Houston at Cincinnati, p. Detroit at Pittsburgh, p. Louis Flaherty R p 4. Anderson R 3. ERA: Giolito, Chicago, 2. Louis Cardinals to a win over the Miami Marlins. GB New York 44 GB Minnesota 47 GB Houston 48 Angels 5 N.

    Tampa Bay Yarbrough at N. Yankees Happ , p. Angels Skaggs at Toronto Stroman , p. Houston Verlander at Cincinnati DeSclafani , p. Cleveland Plesac at Texas Sampson , p. Boston Price at Minnesota Pineda , p. Baltimore Ynoa at Oakland Anderson , p. Kansas City Bailey at Seattle Kikuchi , p. Tampa Bay at N. Chicago White Sox at Chicago Cubs, p. GB Atlanta 42 GB Milwaukee 40 Louis 36 GB Los Angeles 48 Mets 8, St. Louis 4, N. Houston at Cincinnati, late N. Mets at Atlanta, late Miami at St.

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    • Mets deGrom at Atlanta Teheran , p. Miami Yamamoto at St. Louis Flaherty , p. Colorado Senzatela at Arizona Kelly , p. Milwaukee Woodruff at San Diego Strahm , p. San Francisco Anderson at L. Dodgers Kershaw , p.

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      Real Salt Lake at Chicago, 8 p. Colorado at Vancouver, 10 p. Houston at Portland, 11 p. Saturday, June 22Houston at Washington, 7 p. Orlando at Sky Blue FC, 7 p. United States, 3 p. At Rennes, FranceThailand vs. Chile, 3 p. Jamaica, 3 p. At Valenciennes, FranceItaly vs. Brazil, 3 p. England, 3 p. At ParisScotland vs. Argentina, 3 p. Canada, noonAt Montpellier, FranceCameroon vs. Group A, C or D third place, a.

      At Nice, FranceNorway vs. Group C second place, 3 p. Group B, E or F third place, a. At Le Havre, FranceFrance vs. Group C, D or E third place, 3 p. Group E second place, 3 p. Group D second place, 3 p. Valenciennes winner, 3 p. Reims winner, 3 p. Rennes winner, 9 a.

      At Rennes, FranceGrenoble winner vs. Paris winner, p. Paris winner, 3 p. Rennes winner, 3 p. Guyana at St. Paul, Minn. Trinidad and Tobago at Cleveland, p. Panama at Kansas City, Kan. Friday, Sept. TBA Tuesday. TBA bFriday, Oct. Cuba, p. Canada, p. Auburn , 2 p. Mississippi State , 7 p. Florida State , 7 p.

      Game 8 loser, 8 p. Game 9 winner, 2 p. Game 10 winner, 7 p. Race StatisticsAverage Speed of Winner: Time of Race: 2 hours, 19 minutes, 2 seconds. Margin of Victory: 1. Caution Flags: 7 for 48 laps. Lead Changes: 5 among 3 drivers. Lap Leaders: C. Custer ;J. Haley ;C. Custer ;C. Bell ;C. Bell Time of Race: 1 hour, 40 minutes, 18 seconds. Margin of Victory: 5. Caution Flags: 4 for 25 laps. Lead Changes: 3 among 4 drivers.

      Smith ; M. Crafton ; J. Sauter 59; R. Chastain Mike Salinas; 2. Steve Torrence; 3. Doug Kalitta; 4. Dom Lagana; 5. Clay Millican; 6. Lex Joon; 7. Terry McMillen; 8. Antron Brown; 9. Scott Palmer; Audrey Worm; Brittany Force; Cameron Ferre; Austin Prock; Richie Crampton; Pat Dakin; Leah Pritchett. Bob Tasca III; 2. John Force; 3. Ron Capps; 4. Jack Beckman; 5. Shawn Langdon; 6. Robert Hight; 7. Todd; 8.

      Tommy Johnson Jr. Tim Wilkerson; Cruz Pedregon; Terry Haddock; Matt Hagan; Blake Alexander; Jim Campbell; Jeff Diehl.

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      Steve Torrence, 3. John Force, Chevy Camaro, 4. Bob Malloy, Buell, 6. Bob Rahaim, Camaro, 5. Ricky Decker, Camaro, 9. Mike Cotten, Duster, Ray Miller Jr. Michelle Furr, Chevy Corvette, 9. Top Sportsman presented by RacingRVs. Dylan Stott, Ford Mustang, 6. Frank Gugliotta, Camaro, 6. Philipp Kohlschreiber, Germany, , Radu Albot, Moldova, def. Matthew Ebden, Australia, , , Pierre-Hugues Herbert, France, def.

      Joao Sousa, Portugal, def. Hubert Hurkacz, Poland, 3 , Karen Khachanov 3 , Russia, def. Damir Dzumhur, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 5 , Alexander Zverev 2 , Germany, def. Robin Haase, Netherlands, , Fernando Verdasco, Spain, , Diego Schwartzman, Argentina, def. Alexander Bublik, Kazakhstan, , Marin Cilic 5 , Croatia, def. Cristian Garin, Chile, , 5.