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Daily Horoscope: September 30th - October 1st

I think that the majority of people are more interested in reading their Sun Sign horoscopes than looking up natal charts, cusps, planets etc. It is all too easy to write stuff people want to hear such as Leo is going to meet someone and fall madly in love or Scorpio is will get a promotion in work, yet this is what people love to read when they look up their weekly horoscope in a magazine. By taking astrology seriously and learning about natal charts and the influence of the Planets in all Zodiac signs, then we can hope to give more accurate and detailed readings, whether popular or not.

Bbc slink horoscopes aries. More Stuff Until recently, I had a dirty little secret. July - Astrology readings and writings by templela. Report Abuse! Sun sign astrology? Cookies on the BBC website. Taurus with Gemini mars in the 11th house? Yahoo Answers. September 20th, 8 Comments.

Aries Extensive Astrology Horoscope. A subject that newly commands your focus could inspire you to research and study more. Follow your passion but stay within your lane. A pang for variety seizes you today, and it will not be denied.

|horoscopes| horoscopes sign : msn daily horoscopes

You must feed it something unique, so visit a restaurant that makes your taste buds tingle or an art gallery that prompts your heart to leap with joy. You may experience a sudden need to throw something out, creating space for a new possession so unique that you wonder the source of your desire.

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There is no reason to question your appetite if your immediate craving for the new and different is irresistible now. You want to share a different side of yourself by revealing a twisted bent to your humor or a hidden window into your political worldview. However, you must be highly selective where, when, and with whom you interact while the planetary chaos is pulling your desires off kilter. Not everyone is ready to hear your truth. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and respect. You might savor soaking up insights from your favorite sacred literature or meditating to spiritual music.

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Your mind craves ease today, yet it sparks of originality. Of course, this penchant for self-expression will likely work its way into more mundane tasks such as cooking dinner or writing an email. Your best work happens when you are doing what you love. You may develop a strong hankering to increase your knowledge and proficiency with a skill that gives you great pleasure.


Over the years I have had offers to write sun sign columns, all of which I have declined. My main objection to these things is that while they are entertaining, they really have nothing to do with astrology. Yet the publications in which they appear carry no disclaimers, and no information that would draw readers to learn more. We are fortunate that the internet gives anyone the opportunity to share their own astrological views with the world. As I write this our astrobloggers group has members, all of whom can put their work out there for the international public to find and enjoy.

Glad you wrote this. Of course that eliminates most lay people who read their horoscopes …: I read my Daily Horoscope, by Jonathon Cainer, in fact, as a sort of overview for the day. Had my first actual natal chart done by Rick Levine, and learned the difference after a reading. I feel part of the reason astrology is disregarded is because people mainly associate it with sun sign horoscopes, instead of an in-depth chart.